Swift Startups


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AbOUT Swift Startups

The team behind SwiftStartups have been selling online and creating websites since the mid 90's.

From wedding dresses, to vaping products - if you name the niche we have probably created a website and started selling those products to our continually growing list of customers.

However, since we started online trends have changed, but over time we found one constant.

Selling digital products has the highest profit margin possible.

At the turn of the century, we found we could simply create a digital product, create a brand around it and be on the way to massive ongoing passive profits.

And we still have a number of the original digital product sites we set up still pulling in regular paychecks every month.

Now you may wonder why a digital product business is so good.

  • You can sell the same digital product - unlimited times
  • There is no stock, no shipping to worry about.
  • The customer gets instant gratification and can access their purchase instantly.
  • Digital products have a higher initial setup, but everything earned afterward is 100% profits.
  • You can continue to scale a digital product business as there are no bottlenecks.
  • Once set up, a digital business is easy to operate from any Internet device.

After setting up 1,000's of websites for ourselves and our customers we finally decided it was time to make selling digital products easier, and more affordable.

This is how SwiftStartups was founded.

Simply choose one of our premade stores, and we will set everything up for you super quick.

In a matter of days, you can have a new business setup, that can earn you passive ongoing income for less than the price of a few meals out at a restaurant.

Make sure you check out or growing list of niches today.