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Instant Business

A Complete Read To Go Website with Multiple Products, A Full Cart System, Prefilled Site Pages and Blog Content

Everything You Need to succeed

Profitable Niches

Choose the niche you love. With loads of different profitable niches available we have have the perfect one for you.

Keep 100% of the Profits

Keep 100% of the profits your new site makes.

We're here to help you startup your business in the easiest way possible
1'000 of websites made over the past 20 years

So Easy Anyone Can Do It




Drive Traffic

Get your site found on Google. Sites are search engine friendly.

Select A Niche

Choose from our highly
profitable niches

Point Your Domain

Use your existing domain,
or a new one. 


Your New Ready To Go Business

Automatic Fulfilment

All digital products are auto sent to your customer on payment. No Postage, No Shipping, No Product Handling.

Trusted Method

Join hundreds of successful entrepreneurs already making money online with niche ebooks and digital downloads.

Digital Products

Each store comes set up with multiple digital products to sell.

No royalties, no fees you keep 100% of the profits.

How does it work?

Swift Startups make it easier than ever for you to get a profitable online business up and running.

1. Select a niche you are interested in. 

2. Upon payment we will set up your brand new website in our discounted webbuilder agency dashboard and give you full access to it.

3. Select a  domain name to it (simple and fun to do via the online dashboard area)

4. Modify any parts of the store to make it your own, or simply keep it as is.

5. Send traffic to your store and start profiting.

Rinse and Repeat.

Once you see how easy it is to make money via one of our premade businesses we know you will be back for another. 

What do I need to invest in this business?

To run any business you need to either need to spend time or money. Our premade niche businesses will save you countless hours of setup time.

Ongoing costs.

There is only one compulsory running cost for each business, that is the yearly Web Builder Plan. With our premium agency features, we have even managed to slash the cost to just $150 per year - a huge cost saving!

We could go over all the benefits of a sophisticated Web Builder, but we think you will agree spending less than $0.50 per day is a very reasonable price to be in business. Other costs are optional including; Domain name fee, outsourcing of customer service, new product creation, and marketing - unless like many of our customers you use social media and free micro-influencer marketing.

Running costs: $150 year discounted rate.

For less than 50 cents a day you get the full power of a sophisticated web builder. With loads of features you are in great hands. Our agency plan gives you loads of storage space, unlimited visitors, unlimited sales opportunities, and far too many other features to list; your new site is ready to scale.


With a site already set up and ready to go, all you need to concentrate on is marketing. Once you start to drive targeted traffic to your site you could be making a steady income from only a few hours of work per week. Usually, a lot more time is spent in the beginning as you set up and get used to the store's operations.

How to operate this store?
After the initial setup, the day-to-day running typically will revolve around marketing and any tweaks or additions you wish to make to your site.

100% Automatic.

The store is setup with a number of digital products with an automated delivery system. Once your customer purchases from you, they instantly receive the products they purchased; Fulfilment is designed to be 100% automatic.

Receiving payments.

Your new site is set up to accept online payments via  Stripe, Paypal or one of the many other supported payment processors. Upon payment, the processor typically charges a small fee, and the remaining funds are added to your account. 

Why A Specialized Web Builder?

Why recreate something when a powerful platform is already available? With loads of great features including a dedicated blog system, and an automated download area, this system is perfect for anyone wanting to run an online business. Our agency plan lets you scale your business fast as you get lightning-fast hosting, loads of storage space, no selling fees, and no visitor limits.

No Selling fees.

We don't charge you any fees or take a 'royalty' percentage from your sales. Unlike some other competitors and their platforms who clip the ticket, we would rather you keep 100% of the profits and reinvest it in another new store with us.

What support do I receive?
With Swift Startup, you will have access to the following support:

✔︎ Fast Setup

Starting a new business is exciting. Once you sign up with us we will get your new business website up and running super fast.

✔︎ Support Pack

From setting up  1000+ websites we know you may have some questions. This is the reason we have put together a new business support pack.  This pack has links to videos showing you how to use your new site, ideas on how to market your new site, and which YouTube channels you should subscribe to for the best eCommerce information.

✔︎ Ongoing Marketing and Tips

We have a special members area that you get access to, We also release a monthly newsletter with the top domain names for each Startup Streams niche to inspire you to find your ideal name.

✔︎ Online Standard Operating Procedures / SOP Access

SOPs are EXTREMELY DETAILED instructions that anyone can follow to perform a specific task with 99% accuracy. These sops detail how to complete a number of tasks step by step and makes learning digital marketing easier and faster. From link building to Google advertising we have a SOP to show you step by step what to do. Just like the Internet, this area gets constantly updated to ensure you always have up to date information.

✔︎ Setup success

We are here to answer any questions you may have as you set up via email. Full support contact information will be available once you join Startup Streams.

The Most Cost-Effective Way To Set Up A New Business

This starter store is one of the most cost-effective ways to start an eCommerce business, as it reduces your barriers to entry.

This starter store saves you time, effort, and money. As this store is nonexclusive, meaning other people can buy it, you won't need to pay a premium for a custom-built website, product sourcing, content creation and all the other extensive activities associated with starting up a digital business.

Terms and Conditions

Swift Startup's products site and products do have a few limitations you can see these in our Terms and Conditions

You will also need to abide by the Web Builder's terms of service when using their platform

Lets talk business

Why launch this Swift Startup business? 

You want to start a business and need to find a cost effective way to do so?

You are new to eCommerce and want to learn how to run a business?

You have started a business in the past and have struggled with marketing and would benefit from 1-to-1 marketing support?

You want to become location independent and need a business you can run from anywhere?

You want to start a low maintenance business which you can operate alongside a full time job?

You have a medium to large social media or YouTube following and are keen to monetise your audience and fans?

You like the idea of being an entrepreneur but don't know where to start?

You wish to supplement your income?


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